Friday, 20 August 2010

Broad-billed Sandpiper

This juvenile Broad-billed Sandpiper was exceptionally confiding today on Køge Sydstrand, about 40 minutes south of Copenhagen. It favoured some small pools along the beach about 300 metres south of the quay and fed actively in the company of some White Wagtails. I carefully stalked it to within 5 metres without too much trouble and then, as I got down on my stomach to begin photographing it, it began walking towards me! At one point the bird can't have been more than 3 metres away and appeared completely unfazed by my presence. Having a 400mm lens, this distance was perfectly adequate to get some pleasing images. As usual, they are best viewed at full size, so click to big 'em up!


Alan Tilmouth said...

Great shots Terry, juvenile waders are so confiding at times and this one is simply gorgeous.

Phil Benstead said...


Peter Ransome said...
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Peter Ransome said...

Cracking pics Terry.
Look forward to your blog from China.